[Trusted VIP Seller] WhatsApp Ban and Unban Service

Hello Swapd!

This is JustAnother Service from Tanzanya!!

Just in case if your WhatsApp Number is spammed or botted with message and your account gets banned, I am here to help. All details below:

Service Type: WhatsApp Unban/Ban Service.

Price: Starting 200 plus swapd fee.

TAT: 1-3 days

Payment mode: USDT

WHATSAPP BANs: While I avoid taking any ban cases but I can certainly do if valid reasons are provided.

Payment Terms: Accepting no prepayment from VIP and Above.

I am able to assist in recovering phone numbers Disabled on WhatsApp for any reason.

I will just need the country code and screen recording of the error message initially. If the case is viable you can share all details on the ticket.

Some friendly FAQs:

  1. What kind of unbans you can do?
  • I am able to do all sorts of unban.
  1. What all details you need?
  • Just the screen recording of the error message and country code to start with.
  1. What if the account is banned again?
  • I take guarantee only till grace period. Once the grace period is over and your number gets banned again I am not responsible
  1. What if the account is banned under the grace period?
  • well, I am responsible for the recovery and if it gets banned with in 24 hrs I will work on recovering the phone number again.
  1. Can you do WhatsApp ban as well?
  • Yes, only if valid reasons are provided.
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GLWS bro :rocket:

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Thanks my love :kissing_heart:

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guarantee that acc won’t be unban. ?

Kindly check DM.