Truth Social

Trump is slated to release a new social media platform called Truth Social which will be released to the public today. Has anyone signed up? If so have you locked in any unique names?

i cannot signup :confused:

If you have an ipad try using that. For some reason it took me 10x on the phone but works instantly on the ipad

i still cannot signup

It will be a failure though

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it was but I made about 8 different usernames with some under companies/right wing celebrities/brands just in case.

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Figured SWAPD would be the best place if these things are worth anything

#1 on the App Store right now, I’m sitting on some OG handles as well… :thinking:

ye, but I’m still unable to signup or login…

Maybe it’s only available to USA users right now being it’s so new? @Vlbrantofficial

ye, but I want to get some OG handles :confused:

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