Turn all your social accounts to a money making machine with the AMAZON INFLUENCER PROGRAM. Service cost $300 only

Service type:Account approval, store set up and targeted traffic guide.
Price: $300 ($250 if you pay swapd fees)

Description: 90 percent of social accounts that are successful monetize their pages through working with brands and earning affiliate commissions.

Amazon is a trusted brand globally and you can monetize your social account and make money through the amazon influencer program.

Amazon influencer program is exclusive to a few social media influencers, you are either invited to join or you apply and if you meet the criteria you get approved.

I will get you an approved amazon influencer account linked to any or all of your accounts (twitter, Instagram, Facebook page)

If you don’t have an eligible account I will provide one.

I will set up your approved storefront and fill it with products selected from your chosen niche. Products that will convert to sales easily.

I will reveal to you an additional promotional paid and targeted traffic source that will convert to sales with a good return on investment. To demonstrate that the traffic source is targeted, you will get free hits trial that would earn between $150-$200 in account before handing over to you.

Purchasing our service qualifies your order for a revenue share of a percentage of our total sales volume. You will be able to sign up, monitor and get updates on our platform after your order has been delivered.

Quality of service is top notch and these bonuses ensures our services is offered almost free so take advantage of it now as the price can be reviewed upwards at anytime.

You can also use this service as an account seller to add monetization value to your accounts before selling them.

If you would like to promote this service, send me a message and you will get an offer that will make you keep smiling to the bank.


Can you please PM me, interested. Thanks!

Interested, PM me details to get this rolling.

please pm

Sent. Thanks

Pm sent, thanks

Pm sent , please check and respond. Thanks


Im very interested! Would like to have more info and where can i talk more with you in private please?

please pm, super interested

please. pm me on this

Service still available for interested persons. Pm me list of your social accounts to assess for possible approval. Can still provide eligible social accounts for clients.
You get storefront set up and initial promotion to get earnings in account.

Has anyone had any success with vendor? I am in the process of creating an account and already provided my information to him. @Swapd any positive sale in this thread?

Tell me more please

I had a couple of interest but just one apart from you proceeded to order. Working on both your orders now and hopefully will be my first set of reviews. You don’t have to worry, you only make payment after you are satisfied with your order.

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Can you please pm me details. Thanks!

Please pm me with details and maybe an example?

More info please


Pm sent to all