Twitch Partnership

Service type: Twitch Partner ( Purple Check Mark)
Payment Methods: TransferWise
Success Rate: 100% (30/30)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with the price?
This price is not negotiable. The price of $1,200, is worth a Lifetime Partnership, and something that is extremely rare. Only 11,000 people are partnered out of 3 million streamers what is that like 0.37% of streamers ever get partnered?

Do you guarantee partnership through your service?

Does the partnership go away?
No, Twitch Partner is a Lifetime thing,unless you make it go away by breaking the TOS.

How long does the process take?
I typically hear back regarding partnership requests as quickly as a few hours but it could take up to a week.

You will partner my current twitch account?

Are there any prerequisites for this? I’m already affiliate and have an existing following, not huge tho.

There are no prerequisites

I’m interested in this. Please pm me everything you need from myself, this is something I’ve wanted for a while

Update: Just successfully put through another partnership today

For this week ONLY I am looking for 2 People who want a Partnered Twitch account, I will be doing a Batch Submission of 4-5 people

I Will do it for $1500 ONLY, if your one of the 4-5 this week.

If interested hit me in the DM’s

Need 1 More Person to Submit! On sale $1200! If you want Twitch Partner now is the time!

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^ This? Who wants Twitch Partner? Hit me up!

Still some spots available! Can’t go wrong at this price! Buiy Today, and you will be Partner before Thursday! LETS GO!

SALE SALE SALE $1000 and get Yourself Partnered! Hit me up today before the Price goes back up, need 2 more people!

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