Twitter and Instagram Verification

Hi Swapd Users!

Following on from my successful verified username service here on Swapd I am now offering Twitter and Instagram Verification.


Twitter verification = $5k
IG Verfication = $3.5k to $5k (depending on your account)

Twitter verification is the hardest form of being verified. You need 5 artices in strong publications minimum. Being verified on Instagram or Facebook already also helps. A wiki page also helps but is not compulsory. Very few people in the world can do this service.

Instagram verifcation - same as twitter requirements. Again being verified already on another platform helps.

The timeframe for the above is on average 5 to 10 days (usually quicker).

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

Many thanks!


Moved to unique services!

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A person should have 5 articles in strong publications before he/she can your service, correct? Or providing those articles is a part of your service?

you should have the articles already - I dont provide the article service

But let’s suppose i have 5 articles on strong publications, then why would i pay you $3k? Wouldn’t i just apply for verification from my profile, as i am fulfilling the criteria of getting verified and applying for verification costs nothing?

Sorry if this is a noob question, just trying to understand the verification process and what are you offering as a service here. So correct me if i’m wrong somewhere :slight_smile:

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IG rarely reply via the app and deny most people unless you are very well known…

Its not as simple as getting 5 articles -your overall profile needs to be a public figure or well known CEO

Do you have access to some sort of panel then? If so would you sell access to the panel?




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