[Twitter] Claim Inactive Handles

Service type: Twitter Handleswap

Price: $3,000 USD
Payment Methods: BTC / TransferWise
Success Rate: 100%

For this service, we’re offering handleswaps and handleclaims. We’re able to claim inactive @handles and move it to your account. We’re also able to help you transfer a different @handle to your verified account, without losing your verification-badge. We cannot fully rebrand verified accounts, which means we cannot change your handle from @supergenericbrand to @john123.

These cases are processed through an internal contact at Twitter, able to make arrangements to complete these actions.

The information we need:

  • The @handle you want
  • The @handle you have (want us to move your desired @handle to)
  • The email address associated with your account(s)

We reserve the right to deny your request if we deem the case as unsuccessful in the early stage.
Please note that the price is subject to change depending on the desired handle.

Providing us with jacked/compromised verified accounts to use in handle swaps can result in your account being suspended or locked. We will not and cannot be held responsible if this happens.


Moved to Unique Services.

I am sorry for asking, but how is this service unique? Most inactive Twitter accounts can be obtained simply by contacting Twitter support. Source: tried two times now. Unless you prove that you have some other way of doing this, we will have to unlist your listing.

I can provide this to a vip memeber for free

It’s not about providing it, it’s about describing how you do it. I am not a betting man, but if I had to gamble, I would say you just contact support and hope for the best. Am I right? Or do you actually have some fool-proof method or have an insider?

Please PM me and tell us how do you obtain these accounts. Because even Twitter says you can obtain inactive accounts if certain conditions are met.

I work with someone that works at twitter that helps me acquire these so im able to request usernames

Then why does it take two weeks to acquire them?

it takes usually 3-4 business days. But I’ve had accounts take 2 weeks before due to twitter. The process entails of doing it the regular way however I have my internal guy at twitter process it internally.

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Sorry but we don’t believe you, so we’re denying this service. An insider would get the job done ASAP, if it has to go through “processes” and what not, then it’s not really a unique service.


Not a unique service? We still have to follow protocol. The rep cant just sign into the account and take it. She has to follow her procedure. A ticket is submitted, she escalates it internally and it gets changed by support that’s not finessing support, its done internally and its the only way to be done. Finessing support doesn’t work, they deny everything now.

I’ve literally tried “finessing support” 50-60 days ago and got an inactive username without a problem.

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after how many replies though? Me and my rep get it escalated and thats it. Theres no finessing.

I can show you the steps if you’d like.

Im willing to do orders without paying until they have it to show proof.

I can also unlock accounts, and get inactive users like this.

i could also give you access to the email that does the cases so you can see theres no finessing. Its just escalated and then done.

This was one email i got after getting an account that was sus locked. After multiple ways of trying to get it back and denied by twitter support i got my rep to escalate it and i was able to regain access


as said it is still via twitter support but escalating the ticket number internally bypasses any denial from twitter support. I hope that answers all your questions.

If theres any more ill gladly answer to prove this is legit @Swapd

i can also provide any proof like i said because this is the same service as

how come hes able to provide it? whatever proof he supplied im willing to do the same

Fine. We will give you a shot.

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hi there

u said ud give one for free to prove it. Lets do it