[Twitter] Claim inactive usernames

Service type: Username claim
Price: 1500$
Payment Method: BTC

Description: I work with a dedicated account manager at Twitter and I can have them request inactive usernames. This also works if you want to change the username of a verified account.


  1. Please explain the business need for this username change.
  2. You can create a dummy account (i.e. @YourUsername123) and I will apply the inactive username to that account or I apply the inactive username to one of your active accounts.

Generic usernames such as (@Dog, @Plane, @Music) won’t be requested as they could be seen as too generic. I reserve the right to not go through with a request if I think it might not go through.

The timeframe for performing this username swap is about 5 to 7 days.

First transaction completed!

Can confirm, user delivered.

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i am interested , sending you a PM do check asap .

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still taking orders!

Might be interested once i get a verified twitter handle

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How long do they have to be inactive for. What about banned usernames aswel. Are those possible

If you dont bother to reply then close this thread and stop selling this service , just my 2cents

Another username has been claimed! Taking orders :slight_smile:

OP can you respond to that message

What about checking and replying to PMs ?

And even public posts as well .

This guy is legit, he got me a twitter username a couple of day ago :facepunch::facepunch:

what’s the point of paying $1500 for a non generic username.

Still taking orders :slight_smile:

Can you help recover disabled accounts?

DM me a bit more information about situation etc

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1000$ sale now!

Hey can you pm me i need help

Mind replying PMs ?

Hello please message me I’m interested!