[Twitter] Claim inactive usernames

Service type: Username claim
Price: 2000$
Payment Method: BTC

Description: I work with a dedicated account manager at Twitter and I can have them request inactive usernames. This also works if you want to change the username of a verified account.


  1. Please explain the business need for this username change.
  2. You can create a dummy account (i.e. @YourUsername123) and I will apply the inactive username to that account or I apply the inactive username to one of your active accounts.

Generic usernames such as (@Dog, @Plane, @Music) won’t be requested as they could be seen as too generic. I reserve the right to not go through with a request if I think it might not go through.

The timeframe for performing this username swap is about 5 to 7 days.

First transaction completed!

Can confirm, user delivered.

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i am interested , sending you a PM do check asap .

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