Twitter Gold Verification $3K┃24 Hour Delivery┃100% Success

Price — $3K ex. SWAPD fees in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), ETH, BTC
Turnaround Time — 1 day (Delivered tickets within 20 minutes!)


I can help you in obtaining Twitter Gold for your Business profile quickly by fast tracking your application. I have successfully fast tracked Twitter Gold for accounts with 0 followers and 0 tweets.

You will be able to subscribe to Twitter Gold without having to wait almost immediately. This is useful for businesses that need to move quickly.

Price will be raised! Get your Gold badge today!

Note: This is only fast tracking your application. You’ll still have to pay the monthly subscription fee.


If it doesn’t get the badge do you refund?

No pre-payment needed for this service @jakeshaw

Let’s keep in mind that Gold Checkmark is $1,200 per month

Correct @Herbert

Do you have to pay monthly 1200?

Yes, its in the post @jakeshaw Please read it again

Send email to twitter the will send you link to apply in 1000$ month


Yes, I can deliver Twitter Gold within 24 hours.

Got gold same day using this service, after having waited way too long for standard processing. Big vouch.

Yeah, you still pay the fee, but from my understanding this is now universally true no matter how you get the badge. Welcome to the new Twitter.


hope you would have waited 5 days more everyone has the option now

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I did not.

But hey, what are you gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i need better price

the option was there over 1 week ago lol.

you still have to wait and be accepted

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I have the option in multiple accounts

everyone has the option

go to buy it and you will be put under review until they accept you, it can take months