Twitter Gold Verification Service (Handling Via Employee)

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Twitter GOLD Verification Average TAT - 0-10 days - but may go up to 30 days due to Elon.

The blue verification badge (subscription) is practically useless and comes at a cost of $8. It’s the gold badge that truly matters, but it’s exclusively reserved for brands and not available for personal accounts.

To get verified, you need to provide the following:

  • Your Twitter handle
  • Your website
  • Two published articles from legitimate media sources that feature you or your brand
  • A brief summary explaining why you’re seeking verification.

How Much Is This Service?
The price will vary for each account, based on the usernameyou’ve provided me. The MINIMUM price will start at $5,000, this is firm and not up for negotiation.

I will accept NO prepayment checkout tickets if you are at least a VIP member with a minimum of 5 positive feedbacks.

If you’re ready to start, Send me a dm, and let’s get started!

Accepted payment methods: USDT and Bank Wire.


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