[Twitter] Retweets & Likes

Service Type: Twitter Retweets

Price: $10 = 1 RT | $20 = 3 | $30 = 5 | $40 = 8 (BEST PRICE!)
Payment Methods: BTC / PayPal / TransferWise

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service?
Selling retweets from active twitter accounts. I will retweet your tweet from the accounts I have access to. The avg. RT/Like ration per tweet is about 200-300 RTs & 700-900 Likes in 24 hours, however this is not guaranteed! These are real accounts interacting with your tweet. If your tweet is crap, your engagement goes down.

What accounts do you retweet from?
PM us to know the accounts we retweet from.

How long does the retweet stay up for?
Tweets retweeted normally stay on for 3 hours. If you wish to stay on longer, pm me and we can work something out.

Do you offer more than 8 retweets?
I sure do! I can offer as many as you’d like. I also offer monthly packages, this package is great for someone trying to grow a profile. This works best with the following niches: poems, sad, emotional, motivational, food, etc

Monthly package
5 retweets per day for $350! (SAVE $250)

How long does the process take?
Tweets are done immediately. Could also depend on the time of the day, I will advise you what times are best.

Unicorns and rainbows come standard with our customer support.


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who wants rts


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Shot you a DM with some questions :slight_smile:



Do the pages retweeting have a lot of followers??


This is has only 39 Followers ? https://twitter.com/talasalita BTW, would you please send me the other 2 accounts activities screen shot and whats the demo-graph of the followers on your accounts?


i am interested on the monthly package ready to start asap please pm me

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pmd you

look cool with tons of activity

have an active twitter today

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