Twitter Services - Username Claims, Account Recovery and more!

Hello SWAPD users!

I am offering multiple services for Twitter. These services include username claims for regular users as well as verified users (without losing badge), account recovery for hacked or locked accounts, and more to come!

Username Claims for REGULAR Accounts:
All users must be 5+ characters and not be overly generic (johnny, joshua, batman etc)
All users must be minimum 2 years inactive, meaning no activity on the account at all
All claims will start at $750 for the first 10 tickets opened and after that return to the market value of $1500.

Username Claims & Changes for VERIFIED Accounts:
All users must be 5+ characters and not be overly generic.
All users must be available to claim on a new account or inactive for minimum 2 years.
All VERIFIED user changes / claims will start at $850 for changes and $1000 for claims, prices will go back to $2000 /$2500 after first 10 tickets . (changes meaning the user is available you just don’t want to lose the badge, claiming means using the verified as a placeholder)
I will NOT provide any placeholders.

Account Recovery:
You must be the rightful owner of the account
No hacked or stolen accounts
OGE must be provided or proof of ownership, if I deem you untrustworthy, must be provided
Prices starting at $500 for normal accounts and $1000 for large / verified accounts.

ID Verified Members Only


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