Twitter Verification (0 requirements) | $3000+ fees

Price: $3000 + fees

Hey all!

I’m able to verify affiliates/executives of my company on Twitter with no prior PR. After going 3/4 on my attempts offsite, I’m extremely excited to try this out on here. I CAN ONLY SUBMIT PEOPLE, NOT COMPANIES.


-10k+ followers
-Willing to change Twitter + 1 other platform bio, also must be willing to tweet something about the company

That’s it :slight_smile:

The success rate of this fluctuates, so I’ll do the first ticket with no prepayment. Let me know if anyone is interested!

Note: I haven’t had any problems with badge removal, but I can’t predict what’ll happen in the future. There are steps we can take to significantly mitigate the chance of your badge being lost for minimal extra cost (I’ll explain over PM)


What types of pages will you NOT verify?

I will not allow customers to submit any non-personal accounts (no, you can not make your NFT page into a personal account for a week), botted pages, or bought/repurposed accounts.

I’m featured in Forbes, GQ, and Kanye West follows my Instagram. Does that help you?

No, not at all. Your online presence has no relevancy to this case—we’re able to verify anyone and everyone with no preference. In fact, it would probably be better if you didn’t have any other press.

Do I need PR?

Short answer? No. Long answer? Nope.

Will I have to make changes to my profile?

Yes. You’ll need to change your bio, tweet 2 things that I send you, and add something to your Linkedin.

Are you using a media portal?

No. My service is unique–you won’t find anything else like it! You’ll be able to submit in-app based on some instructions that I give you.

What will I be verified as?

You’ll be verified as an executive of a company.

How long will it take for me to hear back?

The longest case I’ve taken on lasted 6 days from submission.


Sent you a PM!


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To clarify:

I can maintain your presence in the company for extra time (kept on official website, socials, etc). This would cost extra because I operate on a fixed amount of slots, and keeping another slot permanently closed means I can’t have another customer.

No worth then to get verified from you . Or you think peoples are down to pay 3k for stay verified just for a few weeks ?

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-company page has been verified since 2016
-no page I’ve verified with this method has lost badge
-I’m not submitting more than 3/month

All I’m offering is extra security. Please don’t misinterpret this as me saying I have a low retention rate. :slight_smile:

With regards to removal, this method’s security is the same as a fake musician thing so long as the client isn’t continuously violating TOS.

  1. never said something against your company :handshake:

I’m saying , you get verified me as a someone who’s working on your company . Well , I’m in good hand

How much time I will stay on ? Weeks ? Months ? Years

How much I should pay as a lifetime , for stay under your company and get my badge safe ?

If I decide to stop pay , then if Twitter review my verification, they will shut down it since I’m not matching the requirements anymore


3 distinctions are important here

  1. Nobody works at a company forever

A client no longer being listed as an employee doesn’t have any inherent impact on their badge as it’s not necessarily an indication of unfair play. People are hired and fired all the time. As long as they were once an important member, they’re still well under the requirements—a former CEO of Disney wouldn’t lose his badge because he doesn’t work with them anymore.

  1. Reputation

I’m confident that my company’s reputation with twitter is strong enough to maintain badges. This is evidenced by the fact that no badges have been lost (but people have been removed from the site!!)

Honestly, I’ll provide a badge warranty for a certain period of time. @SMM that should alleviate your concerns, and I figure it’s a good idea anyways :slight_smile:

To briefly touch on the “how long will I stay on?” Question:

However long you’d like! I have no problem keeping someone on my website forever.

  1. Pricing

There’s always risk with methods like this—as noted, it’s just like the fake musician stuff. That’s why I’ve provided the cheapest 0 PR submission package at 1/4 of the typical cost :slight_smile:


DM bro. I have an account for you

Bump. Please only send me personal accounts :slight_smile:

Good service for people that want 0 requirements but I almost paid 5k for this service and the company account got banned a week later and all the people that they verified got their badge removed as well one by one. Not saying it will happen to you but others should know the risk. The 3 a month is better than what the company that got banned did so who knows might work.

I have known this seller for years and he is absolutely transparent with his services and always keeps the buyers best interest in mind(you will not find anyone with better customer service for a $50 ticket besides him)


Give him a chance

Target anyone is so much easy sellers pls first take a look on his listing. He already mentioned everything including risk, rest if you have anything in your mind can ask in PM. Buyers are also smart enough tough. If someone wants to purchase his service with 3000$ They have knowledge what for they pay and what can be happens with their accounts in future.

Keep in mind that there is always a risk in verification category no matter you’re legitimately verified via buying enough PR too for your Twitter accounts, still people loose the badge.

Same like in past Instagram team strike on swapd platform and they remove hundreds or maybe thousands of badges including accounts which verified with PR

Now stop ■■■■ talk and stop bumping unnecessary this listing and leave it on buyer’s side

Peace :om:

One of the most unique services/ methods I have seen on this forum. GLWS!

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Pm’ed you do check

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