Twitter Verification Service (Verification via Media Portal) PR + Submission (Guaranteed) | Legal and Fast (100% Success Rate)


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If you give me a good price then i will give you 2 case right away. Check your DM


3 offsite accounts verified today. :white_check_mark:

TAT has been extended due to twitter’s late comebacks.

Pricing for crypto accounts has gone up. :dollar::chart_with_upwards_trend:

The last 10 slots for the next 1 month! :fire:

Bump! 4/10

pmed , please check. thanks

Seriously interested, dm me

need this for crypto acc. please DM

Can you do onlyfans models?

Send me details via PM.

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@starbucks Please check PM

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A verification completed within hours today for an off site client.

I can only confirm cases with strong press. LIMITED SLOT! :fire:

Bump! - I can accept orders for any account with strong press. (Crypto/NFT/Business/Personal) :fire:

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I can provide guaranteed validation for high-budget clients. - Twitter verification now requires stronger press.

Only cases with strong press are accepted!

(Verification in progress with PR packages - High budget ($12k+)


@starbucks verified a NFT account for me in only 10 days! Great job, will order again.