Twitter Verification!

Service type: Verification for

Price: $3,000 USD

Why so much?: My rep sets the prices on these. She values twitter verification at $3,000

Description: I will get your twitter verified regardless of number of followers provided. You must have a very good online presence in terms of press coverage.

In the case there’s not enough press coverage, I suggest looking for people who can provide the article posting service for you.

A Wikipedia page for the page/brand in question will be a major plus

Im willing to do the first one on this thread without a prepayment. Offering this to VIP members or if you have a good presence here on swapd. Once you’re verified you will pay the fee

The verification will be done within 2-3 weeks provided all minimum criteria are met as mentioned above. Its still done via the regular timeframe, i have a representative at twitter who has access to the verification portal to submit people!

In the case of unsuccessful application, I will be able to resubmit within 30 days as this is a standard set by Twitter for re submission of verification requests.

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Sent a message

replied to you

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PM sent. Interested.

isnt it easy to get verified on twitter…what if you instagram is verified already?

User can deliver, marking premium.

its still not easy. Twitter doesnt have an open verification portal like they use to. So now the only way to apply is to know someone at twitter, have a rep or have a media panel

waiting on a reply

may i have the page link and price

In the middle of another order. Once i finish that one ill hit you up!

check message