Twitter Verifications

PM me :slight_smile:

Please PM me details.

Pm Me

Will be sending accounts tonight to my twitter contact!

Any succesful sale on this?

Is that still available ? PM me if yes

Twitter Verifications are now closed so how does this work?

What are the requirements in terms of media?

any update on this ?

PM me

Sent a PM

And if enough media doesn’t exist then can you provide that too?

Still waiting on a response

So far, not a single successful ticket from this seller and the last one he had opened didn’t work out. Seller is slow to respond and in my opinion, isn’t very professional.

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He’s been okay ish with my talk with him, said he’s going to open a ticket. Hasn’t yet though

Yeah, I don’t normally don’t post comments like these but @ross didn’t follow our ticket protocol. He simply opened it, ignored my posts, then posted a few days later that it didn’t work out beacuse of missing PR (why even start if you knew this would be a problem?) In my opinion, this is one of those “let’s see if it works” services. I either contact support, get it verified, and get paid. Or I get denied and no problem. I hate services like that. They bring no value to anyone, they just give false hopes, and they waste everyone’s time. I seriously doubt @ross has any “insider friends”. If you take a look a most of these type of listings who didn’t perform a single successful verification, they all speak about “having insider friends”. Well I call BS.

Said 16 days ago can take 1 week or 2, so I guess we’re up on the timeline :frowning:

Why do you think it takes so long? Because Twitter support takes a while to respond. He is going through regular channels, there are no insider friends. If there are, it’s the worst friend in the world for making him wait two weeks every time.

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Actually, after reviewing the sellers history, out of 5 verification attempts, not a single one was successful. No need to waste any further time, closing this down.