☆ Twitter / X ☆ Claim Desired Usernames, Recover Hacked Accounts with 100% Guarantee or Refund! (Generic Claims Accepted)

Who does Twitter name claims?

Still taking cases?

Looking to claim a 10-letter non-generic username, how much?

I saw that this was bumped. X no longer does complimentary name changes and agencies can’t request on behalf of clients. They charge and there are certain requirements for brands to be eligible.

I’m not saying you can’t do this, but when was the last successful name change that you did? I’ve had a direct relationship with Twitter since 2008 and so I’m very confused if you can actually deliver this based on the info I’ve been given.

I hope you can, but please clarify :blush:


You’re not wrong, requirements have changed drastically but there are still brands that qualify and are eligible to get supported claiming their desired handle. If you or your clients meet the new requirements, we can definitely put an internal request and get your desired name.

Last case I did was a week ago, and X didn’t charge anything for the handle since the client was actively advertising.

can confirm that


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Two of my accounts got hacked a couple days ago, one business and the other personal. Can you recover this quickly?

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