☆ Twitter / X ☆ Claim Desired Usernames, Recover Hacked Accounts with 100% Guarantee or Refund! (Generic Claims Accepted)

Can you please DM the price?

I need recover 1.2M famous account suspended by spam, do you have a contact in twitter?

Looking to claim a 9L non generic please DM me how much it would be.

pm sent

Sent DM -

Looking to claim a few handles atm

I need unsuspend a twitter account

Responded to everyone.

Completed a hacked recovery on twitter in just a few hours for large crypto project.

the hacker took over their account and started posting scam links, they also stole the username and started impersonating on another account.

I was able to get their account back, get their handle back and ban the account impersonating them.

HMU for orders :slight_smile:

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