Ultra-premium @username, 39M hashtags, 3 letters, SPORT/HEALTH niche



Property type: RARE handle
Why is it unique?: One of the most brandable instagram sport username ever. 3 letters, 39M+ hashtags. Positive word… very rare. Instant credibility for the future owner.
Price: Considering offers starting at $20000

Description: Unique opportunity for the right instagram marketer to build a major brand in the sport/health industry.
OG email included.

UPDATE: Interesting fact: even though the account is inactive, we got tagged 45 times in the last 24 hours (and not counting the mentions in comments). What will happen when the right entrepreneur will develop this brand?
Open to discussions


This is actually one of the most OG handles I’ve ever witnessed, wow. Good luck with sales!


Thank you!!


Please pm me the handle


Please Pm me the handle


What’s the handle? I may be interested. Thanks!




Pm handle


Pm sent to everyone


please send handle


Hey - what’s the handle?


Handle sent to everyone. @Swapd, kindly applying for a premium tag if it meets the criteria?
Thank you.


Slapped with a premium.


Pm me handle thanks


pm sent! a few serious discussions but still available.
Cool stat that says it all: 60M people IN THE USA alone practiced this activity in 2017.
Huge industry.
Source: statista(dot)com


PM please :slight_smile:


PM please :slight_smile:


Pm sent !


PM handle please!


Please PM me with the username!!