[Unable to verify] LAST CHANCE DEAL: Selling 1.1 million love viral niche page for sale in just $4000 along with website which have 200k page views in just testing. You can earn $1500+ per month.p


Property type: Facebook page.
Amount of fans/followers: 10,78,000
Topic: Love niche (Sharing and growing)
Price: offer me your best.

Description: I made this page in just 5-6 months via paid ads and various strategies. My plan was to made page with 1m+ likes then I start monetization but now I am busy in my Ecommerce business so selling this.
This page post reach around 40-600k and link reach will be more than 50-60k to 150k depend on content.
You can easily get 40-100k clicks per day from this page.
This page is having Indian audience because I am from India and advertise and posting on Indian time.
It’s doesn’t matter it’s non premium page but it have large number of audience so you will earn at least $60 in a day which means 1800-2000$ monthly.
Pm me your offers.


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How do you make money with Indian traffic?



My plan was to generate revenue via banner ads, native ads and sponsor post.
For banner ads Google Adsense is best it will give around $1 RPM for India.
For native ads revcontnet or content.ad is best which will give 0.20-0.30$ CPM.
For sponsor post you have to contact brand of India like amazon India , flipkart, vivo India etc
If you get daily 100k clicks then you will get 250-300k page views means 7.5 to 10 million page views per month. So I think you will get good revenue from AdSense and revcontnet and a part from this you will get sponsors…
The best thing is page is growing organically so your growth of business will grow day by day.

I am running retail business and ECommerce so I need some funds and having busy schedule that’s why selling.
Page is too much active…
I have set up website with 120+ articles ready for this page which is including in this sale.


What language do you create the content for Indian people?


English content… 70-90% are English speaking.
We are sharing premium countries content because Indian people’s are engage in English content mostly.
Page post’s are also 100% in English,. I will let you know about the page content strategy…


70-90% English speaking means 70-90% of Indian are English speaking.
But this page have 100% English speaking fans… Because we are posting only English content from day 1


Interested. Can you Pm me your Price and the URL.


Sure :slight_smile:



I am definitely interested in the page. Could you send me the url and tell me what the asking price is?



Come in inbox.


All interested person on this thread check their inbox those are asking for URL.


Pm me details…


Kindly check your inbox


Giving discount and now I am asking only 5k USD For this full active unique page…
Hurry up… Grab this offer ASAP.


17k link reach in just 1 hour…
100k reach on most of the posts…


Audience and link reach are increase by 20%


Urgent need of money so I am giving you best offer.
Only $4,000 for this huge full active page.
You can recover 4K In just 2 months.
First come first get…


PM me


Kindly check your inbox.