Unban my insta

Hi, can someone unban my insta? It was private, had 32 followers.

I was on vacation and heard of a guy called ‘v.v’ getting people banned, so I decided to deactivate both of my accounts. The first one deactivated just fine, the second one I changed the email before I deactivated as I did not currently have access to the previous email, then I deactivated it. I tried logging in to both to check they deactivated properly, the first one did, the second one I try to login and it says I have been banned for the following reasons:

  • Credible threats to harm others or the promotion of self-destructive behaviour
  • Targeting individuals
  • Hate speech or singling people out based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease
  • Graphic content including sadistic displays of violence against people or animals and depictions of sexual assault

Now I had no posts, barely dm’d anyone so I have no idea why those are the reasons.

Paying in BTC or PayPal whatever you prefer to unban my account asap, as I valued it a lot, thankyou.

Hey Buddy Message me only PM!

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