Unblock your website from pinterest

Service type: i will unblock your website
Price: up to 1000usd bitcoins

Description: if your website is block from Pinterest and you cant pin your content i Can unblock it for you. All i need IS your website link and your Pinterest email and username

@yair this is what you are looking for?

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He’s done it for me and it appears to have worked, but he charged me double that :frowning_face:

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How come?

Wish I knew, he offered it to me privately for 200 and then creates this listing at 100. Lucky for you all and bad luck for me.

I told you why. @rctv.

Do you also help understand why an account was blocked?


Yes i Can and i Can unblock your account too

1 account and 02 websites unblocked. 100% success rates

Hey man. Are you able to help if a site gets tagged as spam on Pinterest?

If its not porn i will unblock. Give me the website link i check first and let you know if it’s ok

Are you able to verify people on Pinterest?

No i’m not able

@buttercream19 cool. DMed you the site link

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100% work. Job done!

Don’t edit your post to bump it, you can bump your post only once every 48 hours.

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I Saw topic where people said they are able