Unique OG IG Username. Famous italian city. 6 Million Hashtags. Insane potential. Tagged every hour. ($600)

Property type: Instagram username
Why is it unique?: 1 word. 7 letters. Famous Italian city name.
Price: $600 + fees

Comes with freshly secured OGE. Very safe.

This is an amazing opportunity as the account can be used in every niche related to the city.
Culture, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and so on…
Inhabitants of this city and tourists tag this account basically every hour. Free promotion.

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Interested, pm plz

Interested, pm handle

interested, please dm handle

Interested in handle

Interested, pm plz

PM the name, please.

What is the name of the city please?


Bump. It’s on a 1k Stat btw.

Please dm handle

pm me mate

Pm’d all

PM handle thanks :slight_smile:

Pm please

Pm’d all
Don’t come at me with lowballs, don’t waste my time. The price is fixed.

Pm me the username

Please pm handle

Handle please

pm me handle please. Very interested.