Unique Service: Verification for any Instagram Username for personal usernames or brand names. Press or Articles not required

The service being offered today is a unique service for verification on Instagram or Facebook

I can verify your username on Instagram or Facebook with NO Press required at all.

I can register or transfer or claim the username you would like to a new account or will need access to your account (either is fine). The account can be blank with nothing on it but I will need to add content and other things to it.

The account / username can also have posts but you must be willing for me to access it in order to do the service or transfer the username to a new account. I can also register or claim the username to a new account too.

The service takes 4 to 5 weeks generally.

Pricing depends on the username and will require a very good budget. I can only take 1 or 2 customers per month for the service.

If interested in my service, please mention the username you need verified. I can do most usernames.

Once the account has been verified, I will provide you with a small set of instructions to keep the account secure.

Don’t hesitate to send over a message for further info.

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It will be impersonation though


Pm me price , also can you change already verified account username ?


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Haha strange

Just sent you a msg!

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Can you do this with a faster ETA?

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Is this through trademark
Or via imp?


Pm me the price

PM me price and more info about service.

Check the DM


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pm the price pls

Pm me price

Pm price please

Replied to everyone!