[UPDATE! We're resuming Instagram audits]

UPDATE 07.05.2018 - Things are back to normal, we will now provide full audit reports on Instagram accounts.

Ignore the message below, it’s no longer valid.

We were wondering why our regular audit provider (SocialAuditPro.com) is taking so long with our current audit reports. Well, it turns out Instagram decided to limit API calls from 5000 to just a mere 200 per hour. This move is undoubtedly related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook wants to limit the leakage of account data via API.

Sites like SimplyMeasured, Minter.io, and SocialAuditPro.com took a hit. This is an email we’ve received today:

Many of these changes to their API were planned for later this year, but Instagram decided to accelerate these changes without warning its third-party developers, unfortunately. The good news is that the new Graph API is in place with a lot more data available, including Reach, Impressions, Stories, Follower demographics, and more features like mentions and tags coming in the future. We’re now moving all our analytics to the new Graph API and hope to make this as smooth as possible for you.

If you haven’t yet, please connect your Instagram reports to Facebook so you don’t lose any data. Your Instagram report will include all your previous account data and new business metrics in one complete report.

Our competitor tracking functionality has been removed, unfortunately. You can still access your existing competitor reports, but note that they won’t be updated anymore.

Our team is hard at work on platform updates, but it may take some time to accommodate all the changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at support@minter.io with any questions you may have about these changes and how they affect your reports.

In short, until further notice, we will be unable to provide detailed Instagram audits. SWAPD will not be held responsible for accounts sold during this downtime, please thoroughly check each property before buying.

For more info on the Instagram API limit visit: https://viralaccounts.com/instagrams-api-limit-down/

SocialAuditPro.com is back online, but now it says that audits may take up to 45 hours. But this isn’t true, as our last audit took 11 days. We will give them a shot a few days from now and see if anything is improved.



We are resuming audits! Closing topic.