UPDATED PRICE: Selling 485K Fitness Instagram Account for $3000!

Hi guys, I have an Instagram account for sale:

Here are the Following Details:

Account Name: Fitness2.47
Follower Count: 485,000 Followers
Niche: Fitness.
Posts: 141
Following: 1906
Engagement Rate: 8000+ likes per post
Followers: 94% Male, 6% Female; mostly from the USA

Payment: Paypal Friends and Family / Bitcoin

I will purchase this account right now for $10k

Edit: @Comfy listen you pencil dick premature ■■■■■■ I can offer how much I want to any of these people. Who tf are you and why does it matter to you? Go find a gf you pathetic piece of ■■■■. I have money to spend and I can offer how much I want. Why does it matter to you? Get a life little dweeb

@SWAPD please verify @Dric21’s identity, spamming every post offering X2-X3 of the original prices seems shady!

Thank you.



You’re cute :heart_eyes:

Damn he went off :joy:

Please PM me with screenshots of linkclicks, reach, country users are from, and all other statistics. What is your current offer?

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