URGENT ! sell me a 500k- 1 million plus account ( luxury preferred )

Come on! Swapd is suppose to be the king of Instagram. I need someone to sell me a big account, 500k plus! Followers don’t have to be legit but if they are that’s a plus.

Looking to buy ASAP! One million follower account is needed! Let’s see what swapd has to offer.

Please do not message me some ridiculous price that you evaluated on google!



So far no leads.

I’d suggest utilizing our tag and search systems. I’ve made a link for you for all 1M+ Instagram accounts. I see that @FrostyAce was selling a 3M+ luxury account some time ago. Not sure if it’s still for sale though.

Link: https://swapd.co/search?q=%231M%20category%3A35

Yeah his was all a scam lol account wasn’t real and he got roasted on line

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