USA Traffic from Facebook (Cheapest on SWAPD) - Adsense/CPA

Service type: US Website Traffic
Price: 15,000

as you can see average cpc for US inside facebook ads cost $0.5 per click. ($500x1000 visitors)
So if you want 1M US traffic you need to pay $50k avg to fb ads


*Traffic comes from active fb pages with over 30M followers.
*Traffic can be delivered in 1 month or less.
*95% mobile / 5% desktop
*1M visitors from US cost you $15k ($15x1000 visitors)
*1M visitors from all countries cost you $9k ($9x1000 visitors)
*Can be sent all traffic you want above 1M+
*We work only on large amounts

Using this traffic you will get HQ facebook visitors that click on adsense ads or ads from another ad network and convert perfectly if used for CPA also saving thousands $$$ in traffic acquisition.

Our traffic works as if you buy it from Facebook Ads or Google Ads (but our traffic comes from fb pages) … And even cheaper saving you thousands.

I’ll buy all of your traffic soon. Unlimited budget.

Please send me a DM and I’ll message you once ready

Interested on this. Can you dm pricing?

All PMs sent.
Traffic available.

I need traffic on rent for performance page

$0.015 per real visitor
Inquire whether any members here have used the service.
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