Username claim - Instagram (Great price)

Service type: Claiming an IG username
Price: $750-1200


I can help claim an inactive username on IG if it is not very generic. Username should be more than 6 characters.

Timeframe: 2 weeks

What all do you need to share with me?

  • A placeholder account or current account
  • Email address associated with the placeholder account
  • Reason for wanting the username
  • Trademark documents if any

What if you have a verified profile?

I can help switch a verified handle as well but the price for that is different

How am I doing this?

It is not the free panel that everyone has access to. This is a media portal so my success rate is higher

Success rate?

About 80% if we take on the order

Payment methods

TW, Bank Wire, Paypal

Please note - I cannot accept all requests. I will vet them based on feasibility.

Thank you!

Can you request a verified IG password reset request through panel ?

Check pm

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Yes I can in some cases. PM me

can you do twitter?

Dm me ASAP

I can’t do twitter

Are you able to claim usernames that are on e-mail addresses, which means that they are uncreated / uncreatable?

check pm!

No I can’t I’m afraid.

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I know this is going to sound dumb since it clearly states it in the main post, but is it possible to claim anything under 6 characters like 5?

Figured I might as well ask just in case anyone else has the same question as I do.

Unfortunately I can’t claim anything under 6 characters.

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FB page verification price?

Sent PM

Just delivered first one onsite! Anyone need a username?

No way to get a 3 char one? 1 post only and its made on 2014

Not possible for me.

What about a 5 char (non OG, not a word either) has only 1 post and that’s from 2010? Would be willing to pay a little extra

Are you going to get back to me bro

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Just to clarify AGAIN, I can’t claim ANYTHING less than 6 characters.