Value of pages

Hello guys i wanted to ask something to the most experienced people in the commerce of accounts. Recently i got to get in touch with the owner of a very rare handle on instagram with 2.2 milion followers and extremely active and I made an offer of 40k. Now i didnt expect they response as they said basically that i offered cheap money but i dont think thats the case. Let me know what do you think about it and how big pages should be valued. thank you

What niche was his account?

Nature, actually

If its a considerably rare handle in addition to the 2.2 million followers with amazing engagement, I could definitely see him wanting more than 40k for it.

^^^ This.

All the factors have to be 100% prime, including amazing link reach, in order to get anything close to 40K.

My 2c… a good fanbase & engagement costs around $.012 - $.017 for Tier1 fans. You do the math.