VERIFICATION ( blue tick) on IG or FB for 1400$ (CHEAPEST ON SWAPD)

Service type: Verification on IG or FB platform.
Price: 1400$ plus swapd

This price will be only for this week until 7th August 2022.

ONLY REAL MUSICIANS category i’m doing.
Requirements: check in my previous thread.

Happy Swapding! :blush:

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Do you know anyone that can verify crypto category

Check DM’s plz

Taking orders today!

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Are music producers with PR and Spotify presence eligible?

He verified my client account in less then 10minutes
Recommend to everyone

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Amazing buyer. Loved to work with you @suraj555 . Lets do more business!

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Send up link in message and let me check

Any requirements?

Send up,link in DM, let me check and getback for requirements

I sent a private message

hello i want to verify a musician

yo wanna buy hmu, paying in BTC, USDT, OR ETH

I will pay $10,000 to verify my account in the Middle East

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Replied to all my mates.

Because there is no one in the Middle East who can verify the entire site and I am serious and I can pay now

Taking orders today.

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Just PMD you

Replied @suraj555

sended you a dm for real musician, @Dopeishere