Verification for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and username claim

Please read Careful and PLEASE READ ALL.

By submitting your information (handle and press) you agree I am no force in anyway to Provide you service, I can decline to offer you service


  • Did your or you client submit his account before?
  • if yes how long ago?
  • How many Media Partners he used in the past?


Media Partner are suppose to be Trusted people, who are SUPPOSE to submit only their REAL CLIENTS, so when a person is submitted many times by different partners that is a CLEAR PATH FOR PARTNERSHIP REMOVAL and YES a review of any previous submission and thats the main REASON some people LOST Their badges or either suspended.

My Submissions require you to PAY ONLY AFTER APPROVAL, BUT I will perform a review of:

  • ID Verified Here
  • Evidence of other transactions here (Successful Transactions)


I can only submit Athletes, Musicians, Actors and Public Figures NO Business and I Require a 2 pictures first one will be a pic of yours or your client Valid ID plus the second one will be a picture of you or your client Holding The ID

For twitter I can only submit Musicians


Twitter: 1500 U.S Dollars + any fee
Instagram: 2500 US Dollars + any fee
Facebook: 1500 US Dollars + any fee
Username claim: 1000 Dollars and up + any fee


Between 1-3 business days

You need Press valid press include:

Music links


Can you send me pm

check inbox

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You need to verified your info so I can provide you details

How much do you charge to create the wikipedia page?

how much is the quote for press help? i just need the press

How much is for press

How much for Prees?

For press you need to have a budget of 3000 dollars to get valid press

If someone has all the press, isn’t this no longer a unique service? It’s fairly easy to do this for someone who is known, no? I’ve done it before. Moving to Services > Other.

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If you can do twitter that easy I guess I should use you as provider

Plus prices I am giving are no are offer are the best in the market but you are a staffer so who will argue

My apology, I’ve just noticed that you’ve declared a 24-72 hour turn around time which is fast and unique. Moving it back.

Thank you, and not just this this is legit way validation is no through fake panels that you don’t know if the panel host will be take down and them your badge removed.

This is a valid process of inquired a badge

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I need press

I have more than enough press. But I’m not a musician. Is Twitter still an option?

Could you please PM me your rates for IG + press for IG?


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@jiirtih10 first username done in less than 24 hours! Open to request more

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Can vouch for this, super fast delivery, took less than 12 hours from start to finish, impressed