Verification on Instagram within 24-48 hours

Country of followers (majority): n/a
Amount of followers: 0-300
Topic/Niche: Verification
Does it include the OG (original) email?:
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Hi, so I’m partnered with an agency that can provide verification. The accounts would be newly created and verified within 24-48 hours. I’m new here and was wondering what would your offers be for a new verified account. The username will be chosen by us. You can only pick the first 1-2 letters of the username. The rest will be picked by us. We already provide verification for companies/brands. Let me know how much is the blue tick on the market.


Not much if what you’re saying is true. A lot of Brands wouldn’t be able to choose their username or represent their brand with 1-2 characters. I have a feeling you’re reselling although I may be wrong. The 1-2 character requirement is odd.


So this is how it works. We will verify it as a media company. Lets say someone wants a username with their initials for instance for Mike Smith the username would be something along the lines of ms_{our picked word}. We are not reselling. Our agency have direct media portal access. The 1-2 character is not necessary. Just if you’d like.

If you really verify instagram account, you should be able to verify an existing account. I have an existing account and it is a media company/brand.

Let me know if you are down to help verify it and I can pay you $1000 for it.

whats your prices ?

Pm me with more details please about what type of name I can expect. I may be interested

Interested, please let me know if you decide on a price.

Actually, I’ll offer $300 since everyone else seems to be offering $100.

We can also verify running accounts, but you’ll need to change your username. It’s quiet a simple process we’ll send through steps. Send in your best offers because we’ll be doing it for limited people.

I would like to get it done but I assume you need articles and I want to keep my username.

So our method doesn’t need articles. The only issue, username won’t be in your favour. You could choose maximum of 2 letters to start with, but the rest we will be picking ones that would be accepted. We network with few media companies and we’ll be verifying it to look like it’s a sub-account for the media company. For example, one could be am_feslicia something like that. feslicia part will be picked by us.

Ouch and verified accounts lose ticks after changing the username. Yikes.

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i’ll give u 100 bucks, nothing more. ( because I cant choose the username). let me know if interested. it can also help your sales if its a verified service :slight_smile:


PM me some more details im really insterested!


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I’m in to try this for $100 too

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Can you pm me with more details for this please

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What if someone already has a media company? Will this work then without you choosing the username?

If there are vouch copies, im in.

Unfortunately we’ve had no luck verifying media companies without the required details like, pr, articles etc. However, with our method, the articles is bypassed.

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Ok, i think i didnt quite get what you said, so the method still works, but only when you choose the username?

In that case, what is the price range that you are looking to get for this service?

Sent you a pm