Verification Service | IG + Facebook

Type of service: Verification for ig and fb
Pricing: 2000$ if you’re a influencer with huge fanbase and already got name in famous media websites or Wikipedia…


4000$ if you don’t have any articles on any famous media website and don’t have Wikipedia page either… I’ll create articles for you that will help you get verified on Facebook and ig…


Time: 1-2 weeks for just verification. Or if you want articles plus verification done that might that 1-4 weeks.


Have you done any yet?
Yes many already but not for Swapd members


are you willing to go first?

Usernames all $2k?

I’ve had trouble getting the worlds largest and most we’ll know cannabis dispensaries verified. Think you could ask if that’s possible to get done through you?

Just verification IG/fb

PM please, interested

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