Verification - Username claim - Merging

Me & my team are offering the following

No off communication, all communication will be done through SWAPD.CO

1- Instagram Verification
2- Username Claim
3- Merging
4- No Unbanning service

Let’s talk about every request one by one

1- Instagrams verification: I do not verify anyone without press so if you do not have a press you probably mostly won’t get accepted so let’s not waste your time.

However, I also offer ( press ) for you if you do not have.

Verification price without press depends on what you already have: 3k - 3.5k USD

Verification price without any press:
( Press will be included the price ) : 9K - 15K USD

We can also do facebook + Instagram bundle
5k-7K without ( press )

Username claim and merges info

1- Username claim only works on inactive accounts or disabled.

2- Any Names like Ryan, Adam, Riley are easier than OG usernames example as @Food, @Gym, @egg

3- Stay away from very OG usernames.

Merges no info about it until someone asks me personally!

TOS: We will USE a trusted MM as SWAPD.CO etc to hold the funds until the job is done if you want to. I do not ask for money directly to me.
Money Method: BTC is refused! My team doesn’t accept crypto.

Only: Paypal, wires or bank transfers.

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Just for clarification, this does not mean that you can verify someone who does not have press. It simply means this is the charge for users who do not currently need press as they already have enough.

Am I correct or am I misinterpreting?

We do not verify anyone without press because mostly they won’t get accepted ‘ i did not say no enough press.

But users who wish to be verified but has NO press we can offer the presss service too

Can u merge disabled id ???


Unfortunately we don’t merge disabled accounts.

Best regards

what kind of press do you do? and if you do the press is it guaranteed?

PM me id like to possible get this done

What is merging?

Press is guaranteed yes, wikipedia, forbes etc.
PM me your info.

merging is when you have two accounts or more and will merge them into one account. Then you move the followers from one account to the other.

Wow i didnt know this was possible. How much would this process cost?

As they say, everything is possible? Isn’t it?
Depends on what process you are looking for

Hi I am interested in username claim please

I sent you PM :slight_smile:

If I have not replied on your PM. Please bump me :slight_smile:

Interested on claiming 5 year inactive account with fake person name, PM me the price

What’s the fake name?

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