Verified 2.31M Channel About USA the biggest in MENA about USA – 500M views (best price )

Amount of subscribers: 2.31M subscribers
Country of subscribers (majority): KSA , Algeria, Egypt, and more
Topic/Niche: About daily life in USA
Promotion methods used? (Organic)
Hello guys
I sell my channel (America Streets) on YouTube, I created it more than 6 years ago
The channel’s content is about daily life in the United States of America, which is the largest in the MENA
The channel is growing fast…it will probably reach 3 million within months
My total profit from it $70,000… the income from it was secondary for me…
About a year ago, I publish less because of my work in the armed forces… and this requires me to move around a lot and be alwaysbusy… I will not be able to post regularly anymore
Profits from SnapTube ads and separate external ads… The channel is qualified to monetize easily
It will be suitable for social media platforms and social networking, news sites, newspapers, digital media companies, or even vloggers and individuals
Feel free to DM for any information

received some offers
Still talking

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Verify ID first

Link please

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Done check DM

link please

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