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Verified Facebook Page’s

  • Quality Green - No rename Or Merge Violation
  • Claim Warranty

Pre -Verified Pages on your Desire name.

  • Quality Green - No violation

Feel free to message me to ask anything about this.

Some common questions.

Question: Are there any press Requirements for Facebook Page / Profile Desire Services?

Answer: No



Delivered 1 Desire Name Onsite :fire: :fire: - Taking More Orders :fire: :fire:

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Can you put badge on my page?

Sent info.

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pm best price. profiles can be done too?

What do you men 4 weeks guaranteed?

Means We will deliver it in 3-4 Weeks, Mostly we can do in 1 Week but we ask for 3-4 weeks ( rare cases ) .

Price? Can you merge pages too?

pm me price, thanks!

Details sent to everybody.

PM details please!

Can you do on existing page?

Prices please .

Details sent to everybody. Taking more Orders. :fire: First 5 from now on with special discounts.

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Please send details and pricing

Taking More Orders - Offering special discount next orders. :fire:

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Delivered 1 More Order Onsite :fire: Taking Orders.