Verified FLIPPA seller account 100% positive transactions +52,000 USD in sales

Account type: Verified Seller account
Price: 3500 $

Description: Accout is ID verified - You can change the banking details or paypal details and just start selling / buying. The account is around 18 months old, all positive feedback. Since the last feedback came more than 12 months ago, you need to open the profile and click “See all feedback” - The image is here:


whats the benefits of having this kind of account on Flippa

I definitely look at these stats before making a purchase on flippa, but it’s only one of many factors I consider. It probably has value, but I’m not sure how much.

Main reason for this is obviously sales.

You can close deals without having the credibility issues as Flippa is riddled with fake accounts that the buyers are not keen to buy from.

Or if you are planning to sell web design services for a living… new sellers dont get anymore traction there, only old and established sellers. Any disputes will be ruled in to your favor as well.

Overall it’s for sales, if you are not in to flipping properties online or are not dealing with any other type of websites management then you have nothing to do with this account either.

I have a ID and business verified BTC gateway account with +2 Mil USD with the past 12 months if thats something you might find useful Austin :slight_smile: then hit me up.


can’t they re-verify the account ?

I’ve past the re-verification already, this account doesnt require any verifications anymore… its full ID verified.

In any case they should ask, its not a problem to verify it again.

Still available


Still up - The price is negotiable or if you have something good to offer for exchange then let me know!

@SWAPD Can close this - account will be rented out.