Verified (Gold Star) Snapchat Account! | Diamond Club Seller!

Country of followers (majority): Worldwide
Amount of fans/followers: 30k
Topic/Niche: Verified badge

It’s been verified officially so there’s nothing to be worry about. Perks of being verified on snapchat, is you’ll always hit discover. Which means the growth is unreal. Snapchat is also currently the hardest platform to get verified on.

  • Username changeable,
  • Phone number changeable,
  • Email changeable,

Since it is very rare to find verified snapchat accounts, so the price is set according to the demand.

ALL transactions will be done through tickets here on SWAPD.

Payment Options:

  • Crypto (pref USDT)




Solid price best of luck with sales!

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price reduced :face_with_spiral_eyes: