Verified Instagram Account OGE Included (Username Change Option Available)

Amount of followers: 4732
Does it include the OG (original) email?: YES
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Insane Movie IG account for sale - Verified account

Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes


I’m selling a verified Instagram account. It’s got about 4,500 plus followers and can be grown.

The username is a movie name.

The price is slightly high because of the scarcity of these accounts. This account was legally verified through media partner. The owner is a client and doesn’t want the account.

You cannot change the username on your own. You need a media panel or some access to do so. I cannot change the username own my own. I’m pretty sure there are some username swapping or renaming services offered on SWAPD.


Malayalam movie :astonished:
Haha cool tho…!

Fair warning, the hero of the movie has a very huge stardom and fan boyism around Kerala (india).

You may end up in trouble with the followers if u want to post something weird & not so cool …


Yes Malayalam Movie.
The actors does have a huge fan base but it’s just one of those accounts that people use and rename once the whole movie mania is over.


Dude unless you’re from india, particularly south India.

You doesn’t know what fan boyism means. :joy:

Most of the movie pages will be converted as movie media or another movie page which will end up smooth


I’m a Malayalee :grin:
Kochi, Kerala :love_you_gesture:

Adipoli :heart_eyes:

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പിന്നല്ല നമ്മൾ പൊളി അല്ലെ മച്ചാ :heart:

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In terms of Followers, Anyone who buys the account can always start something fresh.
It’s super easy to remove followers from your Instagram account.


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Actually this may be true,

But the name is unique word related to tamil and malayalam…!

I’ve had a tamil movie page verified on facebook like 6 years back and when our team changed the niche the actors followers completely bashed us and forced us to quit from the page and leave it as it is to the production house. (The star is famous in kerala too)

This is even same in twitter, the production houses use those pages for their next movie or for their subsidiary production company. If they change the niche completely, followers will bash since the username cannot be changed and the username calls for the particular audience


I would like to hear what @thegrowth @SMM @finedrills @onlyusernames has to say about changing Verified IG username.

Like you said @MediaBoy it’s true and it isn’t a wise idea to keep the existing followers on and posting some random content. That might get fans furious. Yet, if it were to entirely rename and restructure this Verified ID then it would be dope :fire: Especially for Businesses and Individuals who don’t want to do PR and doesn’t have trademarks etc. Username Swapping is a cool service on SWAPD.



I don’t want to trash talk ur listing, verified page with any name is a killer deal …

But the amount of hate someone receives will make them stressful…! Have to say it coz they don’t know about the ground reality here…

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For us. We can change username only with something related, without lost the badge. Anything different will make the account in troubles. Btw good luck with sales bro :ocean::ocean:

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Thank you bro’s for your valuable and insightful comments and info. :fist_right:

I’d love to see if someone can change username or swap username for their purpose.



I can now change the verified account to your desirable username. Hit me up!

Total Cost $8000 + SWAPD Fees

Pm me please

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Hey! Instagram Verified Account with Name Change Available

Dm me

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SOLD :fire:

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