✓ Verified Instagram Account with OGE [Drug Related Username]


I’m selling another pre-verified account. It has 0 followers and can be easily turned into either a business account or a personal account. The username isn’t bad and doesn’t contain any nonsense.

Handle is relevant to:
⁃ A very common asian name.
⁃ A very common drug.
⁃ Anyone else just looking to get their hands on an easily brandable verified account.

Flipping purpose: There’s always a shortage of pre-verified accounts. Anyone looking to hold onto this account can also upsell it. The value never depreciates.

The account comes with OGE email registered on PROTONMAIL.

My presence on SWAPD will be based on providing you with a non-stop flow of legitimately pre-verified accounts.
I’m selling this because this is what I do for a living. I’ve been selling verified accounts since 2 years now. This listing is one of many.

The account I’m selling was not ‘self-submitted’ in-app, like a lot of other sellers they verify using someone else’s PR. I’m not pointing fingers but stating facts. When we lock in a deal, you’re free to check that there will be nothing in the support inbox.

As stated above, this is one of my many verified accounts, so if your query is not serious I might not send the next handles I’ll list to you, so please send a message to me only if you’re a potential buyer.

I do know that there are a lot of great sellers on here which sell PR + Verification, but there’s never a full proof guarantee anymore, we all know that. Unless you’re willing to shell out a grand amount of money. The whole process that undergoes in PR + Verification is extremely lengthy. You cut through that chase of getting verified when you buy from me. Time is money. It’s your time to save.

I accept TransferWise as well as BTC.


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Bump! This account is actually pretty cool!

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Bump. Another one sold on site.

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what is the cost?