Verified TikTok Account 1.8m+ Follower & 18m+ Likes

Country of followers (majority): United States
Amount of fans/followers: 1,827,000
Topic/Niche: Comedy/Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

All 1.8+ million followers are 100% organic that I have amassed through creating viral content.


1,825,000+ million Followers, 18m Likes, Verified Blue Check, Daily Active Fans. I have made tens of thousands of dollars advertising through this account so you can definitely make your money back in a couple months and keep the account. I have many viral videos such as a 10m+ views, 8m+ views, and a lot of 1m+ view videos with millions of likes on each video. My demographics are ages 14-22 and 89% USA and 10% UK, 1% Other

I am blue check verified, I have 1.8m followers and 18m total likes! I am trying to sell this for a decent amount so please DM me!

my best offer is 10k

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Username please

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PM username

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Pm me username please


Please send username

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