Verified TikTok (low follower count!)

Country of followers (majority): Worldwide/bot followers (the account was registered in the UK)
Amount of fans/followers: 2,500
Topic/Niche: Verified account


This verified TikTok is unique as it has such a low following, meaning when you rebrand the account you’re starting from pretty much scratch. I haven’t seen a verified account on Swapd yet that has this low following and is for sale.

A quick note to buyers: you are able to change the username of TikTok accounts that are verified without losing the badge through an old version of TikTok, we are happy to do this on behalf of you. However, if you intend on purchasing this then don’t wait around too long because TikTok could easily patch this way of changing the username without losing the tick any day now.


bump! willing to be flexible with the price if the right offer comes along

I am interested
Are you sure username can still be changed?

People have said that the username can be changed via a method using an old android version of TikTok.

If someone were to buy this and wanted to change the username, I would be willing to make a clause whereby before the account gets handed to you as part of the ticket, I will change the username.

Highly interested
What would be a better price?