Verified Twitter account for sell

Hello Guys, Have one verified Twitter account in stock. Pm me or reply here for more info & to get the handle.

Notes: The account with OGE,
Payment methods: USDT only.


Still available!

Can you pm handle thanks

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Pmed you

Hey, How did you verify it?

Requesting support.

what is different bee verify and normally

When you are verifed That’s means you are an important or famous person

pls dm me handle thanks

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Still available!

Can the name be changed? U can see only . There…

Username isn’t changeable in Twitter

But the image you have shared on swapd has clearly different display name than the actual account.

The account has only an dot in the name area while the screen you have listed here has a longer name. What’s up with that.

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You can change the display name any time you want


If the display name is actually changeable without losing the verification then my offer is $2500.

If interested then let me know.


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The price dropped to 3000$ + fees :slightly_smiling_face:

User please

Still available

name pls

Handle in pm please