Verified Twitter Account On Desire Username - Price Lowered

Service type: Twitter Verification
Price: 5200$

Description: Let’s keep it simple

You give me username and name, and I’ll deliver an Verified Twitter Account within your given details.

Time frame- 15 days or more faster

Send me your name and username first.

I give one month guarantee for badge for security


First ticket in 7000$

Is it by journalist way?

Impersonating and will give guarantee for 1 month too :relieved:

Taking orders


Price Is Now 5200$ Only

Anyone :eyes:

Give me more discount i’ll have weekly tickets for you ….

I can deal between $3K to $3.5K Max include swapd fee

instant ticket ready

Price is already lowered

Hi, i may be interested in this if the deal is good. Can I provide any username? And do I get original email?



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