Verified Twitter Name Change $2400! $600 discount!



Service type: I will change the name on your verified twitter to a handle you either already own or an inactive one. You must have a verified twitter already, if you want me to provide one it will cost extra
Price: $3,000 ($2,400 for the next 5!)

if you have your own im discounting the name change to $2400 for 5 orders! (1/5 done)

Want to show off that youre verified? But the verified you have has a crappy @? Well i can change it for you to a handle you have or an inactive one, AND you get to keep your verification


bumping this service


somebody is trying this service out. Will update after the service is done




Service was successfully done for a user onsite! Get yours now!


Can confirm. Everything was handled in a professional manner, we have a happy buyer! Marking this thread Verified!


1 order successfully done! Taking more orders now




It is unfortunate that I cannot leave record here because the swap has been done not through SWAPD but I have successfully had a name change for my verified Twitter account through @Alexx’s help.

It only took about 3 days to get the name change finished. Very fast service and I am considering only to use his service in terms of Twitter name change. I believe it is worth the money for how fast and professionally he can handle your order.




You have a lead on any verified twitter accounts you can sell?




going to be doing 1 for $3,000 AND include a verified WITH OGEMAIL!

OR if you have your own im discounting the name change to $2400 for 5 orders!


get your own name on a verified twitter


Another successful sale!


Ready to do some more! Takes about 1-3 days! Fastest out here


$600 discount! get yours today


oh man