Verified Twitter (NEW ADDITION)

Im selling a verified twitter i have, nice username, with amazing potential niche. Could be used for tons of things. Message me for more information!

I am not selling this base of the statistics of it. I am selling it based on the handle, and it being a verified account.


moving to rare handles

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could you please send over the handle?


Ah that’s a nice handle

Thank you :slight_smile:


looking for offers

bumping this

pm @

hi hi

For buyers:

I have had several transaction with this user on another forum, dealing with 2 different verified accounts. The seller has been helpful and prompt in his communication.

When I bought my accounts from him, I have been given the accounts quite quickly and the associated email addresses. I have not had any problems with these 2 accounts. I have kept one for over a month.

While my transaction did not happen on SWAPD for the accounts I bought from him, I have had positive transactions so far with this seller and I would go to him if I needed any additional verified properties.


Handle please. Interested

pm handle please

Please pm the handle

its a new username, not the old one

closing topic as its no longer available