Verified YouTube Accounts on your given Name, Youtube Verification, 100k-5m Subs Accounts, Quick Delivery ($1300-$15k)

Service type: Youtube Verified Accounts on your suggested Name
Price: $1300-$15000 (depending on Subs count of channel).


I can offer you a YouTube channel with over 100k organic subscribers, customized to your preferred Name and verified by YouTube.
Prices for channels with 100k-150k subscribers start at $1300.
If you need a channel with millions of subscribers, we might have it available, or we can provide you with accounts ranging from 100k to 5m subscribers that are ready for verification.
Success rate = 99.9%
TAT = 6 hours to 24 hours. In few cases 48-72 hours.

A verified badge can add a professional touch to your new project. All of our accounts have organic subscribers and at least 100k subscribers. I can change the name of the account to your liking and get it Verified with your Suggested Name.

If the verification is not successful, you won’t lose anything, and your investment will be secure. My success rate on site is 100% though.

I have a proven track record of selling over 400 plus YouTube accounts with 100k+ subscribers, and almost 50 accounts with multi-million subscribers on various popular forums over the past five years. I aim to create lifelong clients by providing excellent service.

I have successfully completed over 80 verifications on-site and hundreds more off-site, with a success rate of 99%. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to send me a private message. I accept payment in BTC, USDT, BUSD, USDC, ETH, and in some cases, bank wire.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries. Thank you!


272k Subs Monetized available. You can get it verified on your suggested name.

710k Subs eligible and 1m Subs eligible also available for verification.

345k Subs, USA at No.2 available. Get it verified on your suggested name.

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Interested. DM me channel names please.

I’m very interested! DM please

Interested DM please

What niches are these accounts in?

can the accounts be monetize ?

@Internal The accounts are mixed Niche. Entertainment, music, fashion etc.

@patsklin All accounts are eligible. One already monetized is also available.

If it’s monetized, it means you can post any videos and start getting revenue/$$ as soon as videos launched/getting video views?

Can I get the link on the already monetized channel and the current price ?


Can I get a list of YouTube channels that you have with each channel having over 100,000 active and organic subscribers. Can you provide a link to each channel and price?

Sent to all…

please share the list with me mate

Send list of accounts over 100k please

More info please


Please send the list

Send me the list pls thanks

Interested dm