Verified YouTube channel(s) on your desired NAME & URL | $1,450 | 100,00 subscribers ready channel(s)

Hello SWAPD team,

I am happy to provide a new service that is a verified YouTube channel with your desired name. The process is easy: you provide me with the name you want, and I will make a verified YouTube channel for you, it will be without any uploaded videos.


The verification of the channel will be completed during the checkout process. In the unlikely event that I am unable to provide you with a verified channel, a 100% refund will be promptly issued. Therefore, the maximum TAT will be 10 days, which includes the transfer of primary ownership.

Please take note of the following:

  1. The channel will come with a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.
  2. There will be no pre-existing videos on the channel.
  3. The channel will be free from any copyright issues.
  4. The channel will be transferred to your email address.


All that is required from you is the name you wish to have for your verified channel. The entire process will be handled by me, so you need only provide the desired name.


The price for this service is $1,450 unless you require a larger channel. I can fulfill as many requests as you have, and I am also open to offering discounts for bulk orders. I am also interested in collaborating with resellers.

A friendly reminder:

Please note that there is no need to preview the channel beforehand. Each channel will already have at least 100,000 subscribers and will be free from copyright issues. However, if you still wish to view the channel, I am more than happy to provide the URL.

Are you ready to start a checkout ticket? Please send me a DM, and we can make it happen


I’m happy to offer 10% off on the first 5 checkout tickets

Any moneized one , usa location? if so, highly interested in one!

Not 100k, but I can deliver a monetized US cash cow channel with 3k subscribers.

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Cost? US demographic?

Please send me a DM if you’re interested and I’ll send you all the information.