Verify IG! budget: $4250 need press

I am looking to get the blue check for my Instagram! I am ready to move on this right away and will need prayers! DM for handle! Serious inquiries only!

And will need Press*

did you get anywhere with this? I’m looking for the same sort of package.

Yes. I’ve been at this for months and have two people that I know for sure will get it done.
One is more
Then the other. Both have about the same
Talent levels and both come with a gairentee.
Talk to the cheaper of the two abs I will get right back to you

FYI, I lowballed this add in hopes that I can find something superfxhaep. I can tell you it cost between 7k and 10k and that for everything including top notch press! Realistically, you will not find anything cheaper for anybody who can really do it. These people give money back guarantees and if they fail, you actually end up with all that press on the Internet and they can’t take it off. So you want either way. I’ll be right back to

Thanks so much, that is really helpful and really good to know. If you could put is in touch with them we’d love to take your recommendation and work with them too

I can tell you that I have researched this for months and have it down to a science as far as having someone who can actually do it without any problems.

I sent them a message and will let you know when they respond.

does he not work on here? do you have his swapd name?

I gave you his wife’s name. Yes he does work on here. Do not use any other outlet to get this done as they will be ripping you off. One time a guy try to get me to buy and he had a very complex scam where he had me go to a chat room with 1500 people. After much looking into, I realized he was all 1500 people. That’s how complex the scams are. Let me get his screen name

Dxbdubai is his name

Wow. Thanks! I think I literally just got added to one of these on telegram today. Don’t trust it at all. Thanks so much for the info!

The telegram is the biggest scam. That’s where they try and get you.

Swapd has been in operation for years. They hold on to the money until the person you have a contract with delivers. If they do not deliver, you get your money back no questions asked.

I strongly recommend you use the guy I sent you. He checks out in everyday. I am using him myself. 7250 for everything and that includes 3 top level press releases and 5 mid level. You can’t beat it because let’s say he fails for some reason. You would get All you money back and you would have all those press releases still there for free. Thats why it’s in his best interest to get it done. He can’t erase the press releases

@TripleHHH wanna help with this? :blush:

Thanks. Will get in touch with them. Are you working with two different people on it?

I can get you an affordable press package which along with verification!

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I already got those two in touch with each other because I know he is a professional and can get this done.

Thanks. Hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon

still no luck with this. who was the other person you knew who can help?


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