Verify your insta page

Service type: verify with blue tick your instagram page
Price: 500-1K

Description: verify your instagram page with blue tick , and have a guarantee for it


@Administrators can you verify this? seems fishy but if its legit then im interested

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Pm me details

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Do you have a contact at Instagram or do. You just submit for verification

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I’m interested in this service. Could you provide us more info? Method? What’s your guarantee? Success rate? Any requirements for the accounts?


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and will the verification last forever or will ig find out and take it away?

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Good question, I’m interested in this too.

Just so everyone knows, we’ve been online for almost two years now. None, I say NO member was ever able to deliver this type of service, so don’t get your hopes up. The seller will be forced to do this service without any pre-payment, as we don’t believe he can do it.


Hello swapd , if you guarantee the payment , I can do it with payment after.

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We don’t guarantee payment. It’s you who have to prove yourself, not the other way around. You are posting a service that was never fulfilled here, so odds are against you and no one will believe you until you get one successful job done, whether it’s paid or free work.

We will do our best to collect if you complete the service, but can’t guarantee anything.


Hi, i will be happy to pay you 500$+ to get my acc verified but you will have to verify my acc first

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I’ll like to get this done; however per the administrators rules and this site’s rules, trust is extremely important. I’d love to see if you can verify an account.

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Nobody can verify an account for 1k that’s near impossible


I sent you a PM and I’m still waiting for an answer, are you legitimately offering this service? If not, please remove it from the site.

ok was up?

This will not happen :))
Just for 1k ? If the seller was serious about this service, he had to have evidence to support this.

Now the insta will be +10k

Send me your acc pm

The insta will be +10k

You charge 10k now?

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